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I've always been a creator - a maker - a diy'er. And I've always thrived in the backcountry. Designing and making my own outdoor gear is a natural intersection of both pursuits. With LearnMYOG.com I set out to make DIY Gear and Making Your Own Gear (MYOG) approachable for beginners.



May I buy a physical pattern?
Not at this time, but stay tuned for more options in the very near future!
Where to have patterns printed on large format paper?
Most print shops will have 36" wide paper (NA) or A0 (UK/EU). My preferred online print shop is Pattern Printing Company. They offer color prints on 16# paper in low quantities, shipped folded. They are fast and their customer service has been great. Another popular option is PDF Plotting.
May your patterns be used for my own sewing business?
LearnMYOG patterns are for personal use only. Make gear for your friends and family. Sure, offload unwanted items on r/ULgeartrade or Instagram to reduce waste.
Small businesses, Reddit sellers, Etsy shops, etc -- please respect indie creators and their wishes.
Can I use your pattern to teach a class or club event?
Sure! Please make sure every student or participant purchases a copy. You're welcome to get in touch for a wholesale rate. Email me at admin@learnmyog.com to discuss.
May patterns be returned?
As these are digital products, they may not be returned.
Total noob here, how to learn more about MYOG?
First, check out my Zero to Hero page. I recommend an approach to using the patterns on my site to progress your sewing skills while making your own outdoor gear. Second, I had the opportunity to talk all about Getting Started on Riptop on the Record podcast, episode 42. Watch the video or listen to the podcast on your preferred platform.
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Which needles and thread to get started?
Gutermann Sew-All polyester thread in 500m spools is an excellent all purpose construction thread. This same thread is available under the commercial name Gutermann Mara 100. For slightly thicker and stronger thread, Mara 70 is ideal for all sorts of outdoor gear. For needles, a small starter pack of Universal needles in the #11-16 size range will get you through your first few projects. Ready for more specific information, check out Needles & Thread where I have much more detailed needle and thread pairings for different gear and apparel applications.
What's the best sewing machine for getting started?
Check out my Sewing Machines article where I provide desired features to look for and offer suggestions for budget friendly machines.
Serger yay or nay?
Yes! But refer to Sewing Machines for more on sergers.
Do you sell gear, prototypes, custom work, etc?
Not currently and I have no immediate plans to. Alway interested in new ideas for projects though!
What software do you use for patterning?
I create digital sewing patterns using Inkscape, a free and open source tool primarily for illustrators. Outside of Inkscape, I use homegrown python scripts to automate the boring repetitive tasks. If that's up your alley, learn more at Github.
How long have you been sewing?
I sewed my first backpack in 2017, used for a hut-to-hut hike in the White Mountains. It rained. A LOT. But my pack carried comfortaby and my gear stayed dry. Since 2019, I've been sewing more often. LearnMYOG started in 2020.
Is LearnMYOG.com a full-time job?
LearnMYOG is a hobby project created to share ideas and help others make their own outdoor gear.
Do you work in the outdoor industry?
Not yet! Professionally I'm an engineering program manager. If you're reading this and can help make those connections, please reach out.
What machines do you have and/or use?
Sorry, but no I can't offer a personalized sewing machine recommendations. Listed from most frequently used to least.
  • Juki DLN-5410 needle feed
  • Brother 1034D serger
  • Juki DU-1181N walking foot
  • Juki DDL-8700 drop feed
  • Janome / Kenmore 19233 computerized domestic
  • Janome CoverPro CPX2000 coverstitch
Collaborations and Partnerships
Have an amazing product or collaboration idea related to MYOG? Let's chat! admin@learnmyog.com
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Transparency & Disclosures

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