Trail Running Backpack Pattern

A versatile #MYOG backpack designed for big trail days and peak bagging. Blending the best features of modern running vests with the day-long capacity of alpine packs, moving fast on exposed terrain has never been more comfortable.

trail running backpack

Sewing Patterns for DIY Outdoor Gear Makers

Stuff Sack Generator

Sewing pattern generator for custom-sized round bottom stuff sacks.

Running Belt

Secure yet accessible belt pack for every day runs and adventures close to home.

Zip Pouch Generator

The perfect zipper pouch, patterned to your exact dimensions. No kit necessary.

Every Day Fanny Pack

Double zipper EDC Fanny Pack. Great for day hikes, campus, and music festivals.

Bikepacking Snack Bag

Handy top tube storage - snacks at the ready on long rides or commutes.

Bikepacking Stem Bag

Mount on any bike for one-hand open and close. Pair up for full symmetry.

Hiker Wallet

Ultralight, secure wallet for thru hikers and every day adventurers.

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